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May. 10, 2019

Logging and Debugging

Sometimes not everything will run smoothly. The can be any number of reasons. This is why we implemented logging into Algolia’s Magento extension.

Enabling logging

Logging can be enabled in System > Configuration > Algolia Search > Credentials & Setup tab. When you enable logging, internal information from the extension will be logged into an Algolia log file. The file is located in Magento’s log directory. By default it is var/log directory.

As logging can produce a large amount of data, it should be enabled only while debugging and investigating issues. It should definitely not be enabled in production!

List of logged events:

  • Full product reindex
  • Rebuilding one page of products
  • Loading products’ collection
  • Creating of products’ records
  • Creating of single product’s record
  • Start and stop of sending products to Algolia
  • Start and stop of removing products from Algolia
  • Start and stop of emulation
  • Exceptions from images’ loading
  • Miscellaneous errors and exceptions

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