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Aug. 20, 2019

What Is Android InstantSearch?

InstantSearch is a family of open-source, production-ready UI libraries that eases the usage and installation of the Algolia search engine.

It provides high-level UI widgets that interact with Algolia’s API, to easily build instant-search applications, where you focus on building your UI instead of needing to understand every detail of the Algolia search engine right away.

You are currently reading the Android InstantSearch documentation. It is dedicated to Android.

The InstantSearch family is composed of multiple InstantSearch flavors, no matter your front-end stack we got you covered:

InstantSearch Android

InstantSearch Android is a library that helps you implement search interfaces with Algolia, built on top of the Kotlin API client.

Accelerates development InstantSearch Android provides out of the box components that work together: search box, list of results, filtering and sorting interfaces, hierarchical menu, federated search, suggestions, highlighting, loading and more.

It connects to Algolia servers and performs API calls for you, and automatically updates your interface with the latest results.

Manages complexity

With InstantSearch Android, you can focus on the look and feel of your interface while we handle the search. Our components simplify the management of complex state like filters, hierarchical menus, and federated search.

Easy to integrate

InstantSearch Android easily fits into existing code: it follows a strict separation of concerns, has few dependencies, and doesn’t make assumptions on how your app is built.


Components shipped in InstantSearch Android can easily be customised and configured, from high-level parameters to custom presentation logic. These components cover all the common search use-cases. On top of that, writing your own component is as easy as implementing a single interface.

InstantSearch Android is a powerful tool for builders that want to stay in control.

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Android InstantSearch is worked on full-time by Algolia’s JavaScript team.

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