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Jul. 26, 2019

Do you offer a Sandbox for development and a staging environment?

Enterprise Plans

We offer a sandbox on our Enterprise plans. The sandbox is an application made accessible to customers for usage in testing pipelines. This application is not covered by our SLA, does not have availability, performance, or consistency guarantees. Depending on the detailed plan tailored to the customer, the sandbox may store up to 5 million records and perform up to 50 million operations per month.

If you would like us to setup a sandbox environment, or enable analytics or any other feature on your sandbox, or need any other sandbox-related support, feel free to reach out to your Solutions Engineer, CSM, or send us an email to enterprise@algolia.com.

For more information about testing your applications, see how to manage multiple environments.

Notes about your sandbox

  • You can access your Sandbox environment directly from your dashboard: Click on the top left corner, where all of your apps appear, and then use the drop-down menu to access the Sandbox app.
  • We do not recommend using the Sandbox for any testing that could impact your production environment.
  • Since it’s a new application, you’ll need to invite your team members to collaborate on the Sandbox.
  • It is not automatic that your sandbox will have all the same settings as your production environment. If you notice anything missing, contact your Solutions Engineer, CSM, or send us an email at enterprise@algolia.com.

Other Plans

For all non-enterprise plans, we recommend that you use the same account and application for all environments, generating a new set of indices and API keys. For example, if you have indices dev_products, staging_products, and prod_products, you can generate API Keys for each environment by limiting their access to indices having the prefixes dev_, staging_, and prod_*. If you want to minimize the impact on pricing, we recommend using only a subset of your index - 10% or 1% of your records in your non-production environments. See more on how to handle multiple environments on one applications.

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