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Jun. 10, 2019

Install the Python API Client

Install the Python client using pip:

pip install --upgrade 'algoliasearch>=2.0,<3.0'

Source on GitHub

All our API clients are open source and available on Github.

Language-specific notes

Migration note from v1.x to v2.x

In April 2019, we released v2.x of our Python client. If you are using version 1.x of the client, read the migration guide to version 2.x. The version 1.x is no longer supported.

Asynchronous environments

Algolia’s Python API Client provides asynchronous methods built on top of the Python 3.4+ asyncio framework. However, to make them available, you need to install the following asynchronous libraries:

pip install 'asyncio>=3.4,<4.0' 'aiohttp>=2.0,<4.0' 'async_timeout>=2.0,<4.0'

Please head over to asynchronous environments documentation to find the available methods and features.

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