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Jun. 24, 2019

Introduction to Shopify Indexing

To index your data, we call the Shopify API, and use Shopify webhooks.

Full reindexing

When you install the app in your store, we automatically start indexing your data.

This is what we call a full reindex. You can trigger a full reindex, for any data type, in the Settings tab.

Indexing status screen in the Shopify admin

Automatic updates

The app is designed to automatically keep your data up to date. We’re using Shopify webhooks to know when you make updates to your Shopify catalog and to immediately push the changes.

Blog posts are a special case. Shopify doesn’t provide webhooks for blog posts. To keep your search up to date, we do a full reindex of the articles every day. If you want your search results updated faster, you can trigger a full reindexing from your Settings tab.

Indexing jobs

To index your data while keeping your data consistent and respecting Shopify’s rate limiting, we have implemented an indexing queue: all your indexing jobs wait until they can be processed. You can see the number of queued indexing jobs in the Indexing tab of the application.

Whenever you notice that your data is not up to date, you should check the indexing queue. Every data packet that is either waiting to be or is actively being processed is listed here, alongside a progress bar.

The indexing queue screen in the Shopify admin

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