API Reference / API Parameters / paginationLimitedTo
Feb. 26, 2019


Type: integer
Engine default: 1000
Parameter syntax
'paginationLimitedTo' => number_of_records

Can be used in these methods:

About this parameter

Set the maximum number of hits accessible via pagination.

We set the max number of hits, not max number of pages. Works with the page and hitsByPage settings to establish the full paging logic.

Usage notes:

  • This can be set at indexing time, to define a default.

  • By default, this parameter is set to 1000 to guarantee good performance.

  • We recommend that you keep the default value to guarantee excellent performance. Increasing the pagination limit will have a direct impact on the performance of search queries. A too high value will also make it very easy for anyone to retrieve (“scrape”) your entire dataset.


Set pagination limit

  'paginationLimitedTo' => 1000

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